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Welcome to eRanking Solutions. We are one of the top E-Commerce website designing and development company in Gurgaon! We specialize in creating dynamic online storefronts tailored to your brand’s needs. Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge technologies to craft visually stunning and user-friendly websites that drive sales and enhance customer experiences.

From sleek product galleries to seamless checkout processes, we leverage technologies like Woo Commerce, Shopify, PHPand responsive design frameworks to ensure your website looks great and functions flawlessly across all devices.

When it comes to payment gateways, we integrate secure and reliable options to facilitate smooth transactions for your customers. Whether it’s PayPal, Phone Pe, Paytm or other leading payment processors, we ensure seamless integration and adherence to industry standards for data security.

With our eCommerce website solutions, you can provide customers with a hassle-free shopping experience while enjoying robust features and scalability to support your business growth. Get in touch with us today to elevate your online presence and drive success in the digital marketplace!

Our team is well experienced in creating a Woo Commerce or Shopify website whether you are a small business or large business. We are one of the Best E-Commerce Website Designing & Development Company in Gurgaon.

Features of eCommerce website


  • Dashboard
  • User management (active / inactive profile)
  • Change password
  • Website menu management
  • Sub admin management (active / inactive)
  • Wishlist management
  • Banners management
  • Brand management
  • Testimonial management
  • Product management (active / inactive product)
  • Stock management
  • Auto less stock alerts on email
  • Micro Reporting System
  • Make product best sale management
  • Bulk Product Upload, Updates, and Additions
  • Order management
  • Delivery order management
  • Cancelled order management
  • Discount management
  • Coupon management
  • Product comments & rating management
  • Notifications to all users dashboard
  • Pincode management
  • Invoice copy (pdf) on email
  • Email alerts for contact us
  • Newsletters


  • Dashboard
  • Latest updates on dashboard
  • Change password
  • My profile
  • Order list
  • Order Tracking
  • Delivery order list
  • Cancelled order list
  • Complete order info
  • Wishlist display
  • Direct order
  • Multiple delivery addresses


  • Beautiful themes / tempelates
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Shipping integration (COD enabled)
  • Fully responsive (mobiles & tabs)
  • Graphics & banners design
  • Seo friendly
  • Star reviews and ratings
  • Wallet and Reward Points
  • PDF Invoice
  • Discount coupon engine
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications & Recovery
  • Fully dynamic menu
  • Sub admin creation
  • Wishlist
  • Professional email accounts
  • Top brands
  • Onsite Live feed, Top Selling and trending products
  • International Selling Tools (i.e. Currency and Language Convertor)
  • Filters on Category Page (By price, brand, size, colour & other variations)
  • Testimonials
  • Order-confirmation to buyer & seller via e-mail
  • Social media pages integration
  • Facebook and Instagram Feed
  • Live chat (whatsapp, fb, chat widget)
  • Social Selling ( WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest)- sell easily by sharing a payment link on any of the mentioned social platforms.
  • Advance search [auto complete & top products]
  • User login & registration via social media
  • Product display page
  • Order tracking
  • Product details display page
  • Pincode checker
  • Similar products & recently viewed products
  • My cart page
  • Easy check-out process / direct “buy now”
  • Thank you page with order no.
  • Remote training

Our Packages for e-commerce web development


One-Time Fixed Cost
Rs. 24,999/-*


One-Time Fixed Cost
Rs. 49,999/-*

Important Note:

  • 18% GST is applicable as per the Govt. Rules for Indian Businesses.
  • The cost mentioned above is applicable for the following platforms only: WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • Payment terms are 50/50  (50% advance and the balance is due at the time of store deployment).
  • The cost and payment terms are Fixed.
  • In the case of WooCommerce – Domain & Hosting is required from the client’s end.
    OR In the case of Shopify – A domain & their monthly subscription is required from the client’s end.

Payment Gateways

Here are some reasons why having an E-Commerce Website is crucial for a business:

  1. Global Reach: An e-commerce website allows businesses to reach a global audience, breaking down geographical barriers and expanding market reach beyond local customers.
  2. 24/7 Availability: Unlike physical stores with set operating hours, an e-commerce website is accessible 24/7, allowing customers to browse and make purchases at their convenience. This increases sales potential and accommodates customers in different time zones.
  3. Lower Operational Costs: Running an e-commerce website typically incurs lower operational costs compared to maintaining a brick-and-mortar store. There are no expenses for rent, utilities, or physical infrastructure, resulting in higher profit margins.
  4. Convenience for Customers: E-commerce offers unparalleled convenience for customers, allowing them to shop from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility attracts busy consumers who prefer the convenience of online shopping over traditional retail.
  5. Expanded Product Range: An e-commerce website enables businesses to offer a wider range of products without the constraints of physical shelf space. This allows for greater product diversity and caters to diverse customer preferences.
  6. Data Analytics and Insights: E-commerce platforms provide valuable data analytics and insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and purchase patterns. Businesses can leverage this data to personalize marketing strategies, improve product offerings, and enhance the overall customer experience.
  7. Targeted Marketing: E-commerce websites enable targeted marketing efforts through techniques such as email marketing, retargeting ads, and personalized recommendations. Businesses can segment their audience based on demographics, purchase history, and browsing behaviour to deliver relevant and timely marketing messages.
  8. Scalability and Growth Potential: E-commerce websites like Woo commerce & Shopify offer scalability, allowing businesses to easily expand their operations as they grow. Whether it’s adding new products, targeting new markets, or optimizing the user experience, e-commerce platforms can adapt to accommodate business growth.
  9. Competitive Advantage: In today’s digital age, having an e-commerce presence is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. Businesses that fail to embrace e-commerce risk falling behind competitors who leverage online channels to attract and retain customers.
  10. Customer Insights and Feedback: E-commerce websites facilitate direct communication between businesses and customers, enabling feedback collection and fostering customer engagement. This valuable input can inform product development, service improvements, and overall business strategies.

In summary, having an e-commerce website is vital for businesses seeking to capitalize on the benefits of online retailing, reach a broader audience, enhance customer convenience, and drive sustainable growth in the digital marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an e-commerce web developer, We offer a range of services including website design, development, customization, integration of payment gateways, optimization for mobile devices, and ongoing maintenance and support.

We have experience in working with a variety of e-commerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento and custom-built solutions. We can help you choose the platform that best fits your needs

Yes, We specialize in customizing e-commerce websites to match your brand identity and meet your specific requirements. Whether you need custom themes, plugins, or integrations, We can tailor the website to your preferences.

Yes, We offer SEO services tailored for e-commerce websites to help improve your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. This includes keyword research, on-page optimization, content optimization, and more.

We follow best practices for web security to ensure that your e-commerce website is secure against common threats such as data breaches and hacking attempts. This includes using SSL certificates, implementing secure payment gateways, and regular security audits.

Yes, You can integrate third-party tools and services such as CRM systems, email marketing platforms, inventory management systems, and analytics tools to enhance the functionality of your e-commerce website and streamline your operations.

Yes, We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your e-commerce website remains secure, up-to-date, and running smoothly. This includes software updates, security patches, bug fixes, and technical support.

The timeline for developing an e-commerce website depends on various factors such as the complexity of the project, the features and functionality required, and the availability of content and resources. However, a normal ecommerce website takes 3-4 weeks to get developed.

The cost of hiring me as an e-commerce web developer depends on the scope of the project and the services required. We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a detailed quote after discussing your requirements.

Yes, We have a portfolio of e-commerce websites that I’ve developed for previous clients. We will be happy to share examples with you so you can see the quality of our work and the range of features and functionality we can deliver.

To get started, simply reach out to us with details about your project and requirements. We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your needs in more detail and provide you with a proposal outlining the scope of work, timeline, and pricing.

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